Choosing The Best Way To Transport Your Motorcycle

Transport Your Motorcycle

Whether you are an avid rider who takes their motorcycle on adventures every weekend or simply need a way to occasionally haul your bike to a meetup with friends, finding the right transportation method is important. This article will explore some popular options for transporting motorcycles and things to consider with each to help you select the best solution for your needs Transport Your Motorcycle.


One of the most common ways motorcycle enthusiasts transport their bikes is with an enclosed motorcycle trailer. Trailers allow you to haul one or even multiple motorcycles securely while keeping them protected from the elements. When choosing a trailer, consider features like capacity, size to fit in your vehicle towing package, braking systems for safety, and ease of loading and unloading the bike.

Pros Cons
●       Provides fully enclosed protection for bike

●       Can haul multiple bikes at once

●       Keeps bike separate from your vehicle interior

●       Braking systems improve safety

●       Requires towing vehicle with appropriate tow package

●       Added maintenance of trailer

●       Increases vehicle length for transport

●       More expensive initial investment than other options

Trailers are a top choice for riders who regularly haul their motorcycle long distances or with multiple passengers. The security of fully enclosing the bike usually outweighs the increased costs compared to other transport methods.

Transport Your Motorcycle – Truck Bed

For owners of pickup trucks, safely securing a motorcycle in the truck bed is a convenient transportation solution. Wheel chocks, straps, and bed extenders or pads help prevent the bike from shifting during transport. Check your truck’s payload limits so as not to exceed weight ratings. Consider weather elements like rain or snow that could potentially damage parts left exposed in the bed.

Pros Cons
●       No need for a separate towing vehicle

●       Quick and easy loading/unloading of bike

●       Keeps bike separated from passenger cab

●       Bike exposed to weather elements in truck bed

●       Increased risk of damage from road debris

●       Restricts passenger/cargo space in truck bed

Truck beds are a cost-effective option when suitable weather conditions exist, but trailers provide better all-around protection of the motorcycle from hazards.

SUV Interior

For shorter distances or trips when full enclosure isn’t necessary, some motorcycles can potentially be transported inside passenger SUVs. Remove loose items, use floor mats or padding to protect painted surfaces, and securely strap the bike down. Be mindful of weight distribution to avoid overloading certain areas.

Pros Cons
●       No need for separate tow vehicle or trailer

●       Bike fully protected from weather

●       Quick loading and transport


●       Space constraints limit bike and passenger capacity

●       Difficulty securely fastening a large motorcycle

●       Potential for damage to vehicle interior

While convenient for short trips, transporting inside leaves little room for error and risks compromising passenger safety or the condition of your vehicle and bike. Proper securement methods are essential to prevent hazards.

Motorcycle Carriers

Rear-mounted motorcycle carriers attach to your vehicle hitch and transport one or two bikes vertically on the back. Like trailers, carriers secure and fully enclose the bike while towing. Choose a model rated to haul your bike’s weight and size. Check towing capacity for your vehicle as well. Carriers offer enclosure without the length of a trailer but limit hauling capacities.

Pros Cons
●       Good middle ground between trailer and truck bed

●       Bike fully enclosed and secure

Doesn’t add long trailer to vehicle

●       Less space than trailers for multiple bikes

●       Higher profiles affect vehicle maneuverability

●       Bikes are top-heavy for transport

Carriers are ideal for those wanting full enclosure without a large towing package. tradeoffs include limited bike capacities and vehicle handling differences.

Transport Your Motorcycle Final Thoughts

The best motorcycle transportation option depends on your unique situation including vehicle type, travel environment, hauling needs, and budget. Consider all the pros and cons of trailers, truck beds, carriers, and interior transport carefully. With the right securement accessories and safety procedures, any method can work. Prioritize full enclosure and protection of your investment on longer trips. But don’t let transportation challenges keep you from enjoying your passion – there are adaptable solutions for nearly every riding situation.