How to Ship a Car

Moving your car is an overwhelming task. The thought of leaving your vehicle to strangers, wading through paperwork and coordinating logistics can be overwhelming. But don’t worry! With 1CarShipping We are here to change the method of shipping your vehicle. Our aim is simple making the process simpler and easier than before. So, relax, unwind and let us walk you through the details of shipping your car without hassle. Say goodbye stress and welcome to ease with 1CarShipping!

Pick a Shipping Method

When you’re looking to ship your vehicle, one of the first choices you’ll need to make is selecting the best shipping method for your requirements. There are two choices: open transport as well as enclosed transport.

The open transport method is the most frequent and economical method. Your vehicle will be loaded on an open trailer, along with other vehicles. While this is a great way to save cost-effectiveness, remember that your vehicle is exposed to road debris during the process of transport.

However, enclosed transportation gives you the greatest protection to your vehicle. Your vehicle will be placed inside a trailer covered in plastic protecting it from possible damage that could be caused by elements outside. This is the ideal method for classic cars and automobiles that require extra attention and protection.

The decision between enclosed and open transport is based on your financial budget as well as personal preferences. Take into consideration factors like the worth of the vehicle, its susceptibility to weather conditions as well as any particular requirements you might have.

At 1CarShipping we provide both enclosed and open transportation options so that you can pick the one that best suits your needs. Our expert team will help you through the process of making a decision to ensure you have a seamless experience from beginning to end!