Can a Moving Truck Tow Two Cars?


Moving is never an easy task. Packing up all your belongings, coordinating the move date and relocating everything can be stressful enough. Now imagine having to also transport two vehicles along with your household goods. Is it even possible for a moving truck to safely tow two cars? Let’s dive deeper into this topic.

Understanding Towing Capacity

Before determining if a moving truck can tow multiple vehicles, we first need to understand towing capacity. Towing capacity refers to the maximum weight a vehicle can tow while maintaining control and stability. Towing anything over the designated capacity is unsafe and puts undue stress on the vehicle.

Most moving trucks (up to 15 ft) have towing capacities in the 5,000-10,000 lbs range. However, capacity depends on several factors like:

  • Truck model and size
  • Engine power
  • Braking capacity
  • Suspension and transmission type
  • Rear axle ratio

The vehicle’s owner manual or manufacturer specifications will list the proper towing capacity. You should never exceed this limit.

Factors that Impact Vehicle Weights

When assessing if a moving truck can tow two cars, accurate vehicle weights are crucial. Average car weights range widely but here are some considerations:

  • Sedans usually weigh 2,500-4,000 lbs
  • SUVs average 3,500-5,500 lbs
  • Trucks and larger vehicles 5,000 lbs and up
  • Add 200-500 lbs for cargo in each vehicle

You’ll also need an appropriate towing package, which includes items like:

  • weight-distributing hitch
  • safety chains
  • trailer wiring harness
  • certified brake controller

This equipment adds another 150-300 lbs to the overall towing weight. Proper tongue weight is also important for stability.

Doing the Math

Now let’s crunch some numbers. Say you have:

  • Sedan 1: 3,200 lbs
  • Sedan 2: 3,500 lbs
  • Towing package: 250 lbs
  • Total weight: 6,950 lbs

If the moving truck has a 7,500 lbs towing capacity, towing two average sedans would be safe. However, a few hundred extra pounds in either vehicle could put it over the limit.

Larger or heavier vehicles push weight limits much quicker. Towing an SUV and truck may exceed even an 8,000 lbs capacity moving truck.

Safety Considerations

While towing two smaller cars may be possible weight-wise, safety is paramount. Towing doubles the potential for unsafe driving behaviors like:

  • Longer stopping distance due to extra trailer braking lag
  • Reduced acceleration and maneuverability
  • Increased risk of trailer sway or jackknifing
  • Higher passenger vehicle wear and tear
  • Difficulty backing up or parking two trailers

Weather, road conditions and driver expertise also impact safety. Towing require focus, planning and following guidelines.

Renting a Larger Truck

For most moves involving two vehicles, it’s safer and wiser to rent a truck with a higher towing capacity. Moving companies have Box Trucks or Cargo Vans able to tow over 10,000 lbs. Renting gives peace of mind that weight limits aren’t a concern.

Though more expensive, the extra cost is worth avoiding potential accidents or damage from overloading a vehicle. Rental trucks also have more powerful engines and professional trailer packages for secure, controlled towing.

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The Verdict

In summary, while towing two average passenger cars may squeeze under the weight limits of some moving trucks, it’s not advised. Safer options are renting a larger truck or making separate trips for each vehicle. Towing doubles safety risks versus a single trailer load.

Unless you have smaller vehicles and your moving truck’s capacity comfortably exceeds the total towing weight, it’s best not to chance it. Rental trucks provide more capability and safer transporting of multiple vehicles during a single relocation trip. Staying under capacity ensures a smooth and accident-free move.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide insurance coverage for both cars while they are being towed?

At 1a-car-shipping, we provide insurance coverage for both cars while they are being towed. We understand that your vehicles are valuable possessions and want to give you peace of mind during the shipping process. Our team of experienced drivers will handle your cars with care and our insurance policy ensures that they are fully covered in case of any unforeseen circumstances. You can trust us to safely transport both cars to their destination without any damage or loss. And in the rare event that something does happen, rest assured that we have you and your vehicles covered. So sit back, relax, and let us take care of towing your two cars with our reliable insurance coverage.

How secure are the cars when being towed by your moving trucks?

At 1a-car-shipping, the safety and security of your vehicles is our top priority. Our moving trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art towing equipment specifically designed for safe and secure transportation of multiple cars. We also have highly trained and experienced drivers who follow strict protocols to ensure the safety of your cars during transit. Additionally, we offer insurance coverage for any potential damages during shipping for added peace of mind. You can rest assured that your cars are in good hands with 1a-car-shipping.

Are there any additional fees or requirements for towing two cars with your moving trucks?

At 1a-car-shipping, we pride ourselves on providing quality and affordable moving truck services. When it comes to towing two cars with our trucks, there are no additional fees or requirements. Our trucks are equipped to safely tow two cars at once, saving you time and money on multiple trips. Our expert team ensures that your vehicles are securely strapped down during transport, ensuring their safety while in transit. With 1a-car-shipping, you can trust that your cars will arrive at your new destination in the same condition as when they left. Trust us to handle all of your moving and car shipping needs without any hidden fees or surprises.

What is the maximum weight capacity for towing multiple cars with your moving trucks?

Our moving trucks are specifically designed to handle the weight of multiple vehicles being towed. The maximum weight capacity differs for each truck, depending on factors such as engine size and towing equipment. However, on average, our trucks can comfortably tow up to 10,000 pounds of combined weight. This means you can easily transport two standard-sized cars or a combination of cars and smaller vehicles without worrying about exceeding the weight limit. Rest assured that our trucks are reliable and efficient in safely transporting your valuable possessions to your desired destination.

Can your moving trucks tow two cars at the same time?

Absolutely! Our 1a-car-shipping moving trucks are equipped with the latest towing technology, allowing them to safely and efficiently tow two cars at once. This not only saves you time and money, but it also ensures that both of your vehicles arrive at your destination together. Whether you’re moving across the country or just a few miles away, trust our reliable and expertly trained drivers to handle all of your car shipping needs. With 1a-car-shipping, you can rest assured that your vehicles will be in good hands throughout the entire journey.