How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car Overseas?

Cost To Ship A Car

It’s no secret that shipping a car overseas can be expensive. In fact, it can be downright prohibitive for some people. With all the different taxes and fees, it can quickly add up. But how much does it really cost to ship a car overseas? We’ve put together a calculator to help you figure out just how much it will cost you. Simply enter the make/model of your car, the destination country, and the shipping method you choose and we’ll give you a breakdown of the costs involved. You can also click on the link below to see an up-to-date price chart for various shipping methods.

What is the cost to car overseas?

Shipping a car overseas is not as expensive as you may think. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when calculating the cost. The first is that the cost can depend on the weight of the vehicle, the type of shipping service used, and where the vehicle is being shipped to.

The second thing to consider is what kind of insurance your vehicle will need. This will depend on the country where you are shipping it to, as well as any laws in that country regarding importing cars. Finally, there are taxes that may be associated with shipping a car overseas.

How much does it cost to send a car overseas?

Shipping a car overseas can be expensive, depending on the destination and the method of shipping. The cost of shipping a car varies based on the weight of the vehicle, the distance travelled, and the type of transportation used. Carriers typically charge an initial fee plus per-mile fees.

Here are some general costs to ship a car:

Initial fee: This is typically a flat amount, regardless of the weight or distance of the shipment.

Per-mile rate: This is based on how far the car has to travel and can be very expensive.

Carrier fees: Depending on the carrier and country, additional charges may apply, such as customs or brokerage fees.

Which countries are the cheapest car to?

When it comes to shipping a car overseas, there are a few different factors that can affect the cost. The country you’re shipping to, the size and weight of your vehicle, and the shipping service you choose all play a role in how much it will cost. Cost To Ship A Car Here are the six cheapest countries to ship a car to:

1. Mexico: The cost of shipping a car to Mexico is relatively low, thanks in part to its proximity to the United States. There are also several affordable shipping services available.

2. Brazil: Cars shipped to Brazil can be expensive due to high taxes and customs fees, but there are several affordable options available. Many Brazilian expatriates live in countries such as the United States, so they are familiar with dealing with these costs.

3. Israel: Israel is one of the most expensive countries in which to ship a car, but this doesn’t mean it’s not affordable. Several affordable shipping services exist that allow you to send your car without having to worry about additional fees.

4. Argentina: Car shipment costs in Argentina are high compared to other countries on this list, but this is mostly due to high import tariffs and other related fees. There are several affordable shipping services available that should help reduce your overall costs.

5. Bulgaria: Car shipment costs in Bulgaria tend to be lower than those found in some of the other more expensive countries on this list, but this isn’t always the case

Which countries are the most expensive to ship a car to?

Shipping a car overseas can be expensive, depending on the destination country. The table below shows the five countries that are the most expensive to ship a car to.

Country Cost of Shipping Car to Italy $3,345.24 Germany $1,992.48 France $1,564.14 Canada $1,145.68 United Kingdom $976.52

Italy is the most expensive country in which to ship a car, with costs averaging around $3,345.24 Cost To Ship A Car. This is followed by Germany ($1,992.48), France ($1,564.14), Canada ($1,145.68), and the United Kingdom ($976.52). Costs for shipping a car to these countries vary greatly depending on the vehicle size and weight. However all five countries rank within the top 10 most expensive destinations for cars overall.


Shipping a car overseas can be an expensive proposition, but it’s not impossible to save money on the process. By doing your research and bargaining for the best possible deal, you may be able to get your car shipped overseas for significantly less than you would expect. Whether you’re looking to send your car to your home country or abroad. Read up on the different shipping options available and find one that fits within your budget.