Average cost of moving company cross country

moving company cross country

Moving across the country is a big endeavor that requires careful planning and budgeting moving company cross country. Besides packing up all your belongings, you’ll need to arrange for their transportation and unpacking at the other end.

Hiring a professional moving company is a smart choice as they have the skills and equipment to move large and fragile items safely.

However, a cross-country move can be quite expensive. This article provides estimates of what you can expect to pay a moving company on average to handle an interstate move from coast to coast.

Factors that influence the cost

There are several factors that impact the price quote you’ll receive from moving companies for a long-distance move:

  • Distance – The farther the move, the higher the cost will be to transport your goods over many miles.
  • Volume of items – More items means a larger moving truck is needed which translates to a higher bill.
  • Special equipment – Pianos, safes or other heavy household items may require special wrapping and may incur additional fees.
  • Type of service – Basic services are less expensive than packing/unpacking help or full-service moves.
  • Season – Summer is the peak moving season so you can expect higher rates than winter months.
  • Specialized goods – Artwork, electronics, or other fragile belongings may require extra protective packing.

Getting estimates from three moving companies lets you compare prices while factoring in any extras like weekend moves or extended storage requirements.

Basic long-distance move costs – moving company cross country

Type of Move Estimated Cost
Studio or 1 bedroom apartment (2,000 lbs) $2,000 – $4,000
2 bedroom home (4,000 lbs) $3,500 – $6,500
3 bedroom home (6,000 lbs) $5,000 – $8,500
4 bedroom home (8,000 lbs) $6,500 – $10,500

The table above outlines average estimated costs for common cross-country move sizes based on weight allowances rather than the actual number of boxes or items. Prices will vary depending on the specific origin and destination cities and any extras required.

Additional fees and services

Some potential add-ons moving companies may charge for include:

  • Early morning, evening or weekend moves – $150-250 extra
  • Packing services – $1-2 per pound to pack your goods
  • Unpacking at the other end – Similar rate as packing
  • Extra stops during transit – $50-125 per additional stop
  • Storage if new home isn’t ready yet – $50-200/month minimum usually applies
  • Piano or heavy item transport – $150-300 on average
  • Long carries such as up several flights of stairs – $75-150 extra
  • Tips for movers – $20-30 per mover is customary gratitude

moving company cross country – Getting the best deal

To help lower your moving expenses, consider the following tips:

  • Request binding estimated in writing to avoid surprises
  • Book your move mid-week in spring or fall for milder temperatures and less demand
  • Reduce weight with a pre-move decluttering session
  • Use a truck rental and move yourself if you only have a few big items
  • Ask about discounts for military, student or AARP membership
  • Consider hiring movers for loading and unloading only to save on transit costs

By understanding average costs and getting multiple bids, you’ll be able to budget appropriately and select a reputable moving company at a fair price for your long-distance relocation needs.